Meet our Missionaries:

Because of your financial gifts to UCity Church, we are able to help support these amazing missionaries! If you have been at UCity for a while, their faces are probably familiar to you. Each of these missionaries graduated from the University of Arizona and called UCity home during their college years. As they grew in their relationship with Jesus, they each felt called into full time missions. We are so proud of all of them and consider it such a privilege to help support their work here in Tucson and all over the world.

Noah Gerwinat

Noah Gerwinat is serving the unreached in Tokyo, Japan. For more information about Noah’s ministry, click the link.

Kevin and Kristene are serving the unreached in the 10/40 window.  For more information about Kevin and Kristene’s ministry, please contact

Kevin and Kristene

Chanyng Floyd

Chanyng Floyd is serving students at Arizona State University.  To subscribe to her newsletter or receive more information about her ministry please contact her at

Chad Gallego is serving the unreached in Tokyo, Japan.  For more information about Chad’s ministry, contact Chad at

Chad Gallego

Blake & Hannah Pfaff

Blake and Hannah Pfaff are serving students at the University of Arizona!  To subscribe to their newsletter and receive more information about their ministry please click the link: